Report from the (Florida) Front

Greetings Dear Readers,

Momma and I have settled in for the winter in Florida and we have both been quite busy.  I have IMG_0743been getting re-acquainted with old friends like Gracie, Cruz, Halle, Yogi, Bentley, Jackie, Lucy (she’s a pistol!) and the newcomer, Jasper, when we go outside to do our business.  Gracie and I (see photo right) have also had a few fun playdates, and I’ve enjoyed several walks around the Cape with Momma and my sitters, Janice and Natalie.

Momma has been busy, too.  In addition to her countless outings for shopping, golf, happy hours and attending Republican events, she has been working feverishly on promoting my new book, Sit Stay Pray.  

And I have to paw it to her — Momma really is a pit bull when it comes to marketing.  She has already placed ten copies of SSP at BRUNO in Naples, and dropped one off for consideration at the Marco Island Historical Society — they already carry Lina Unleashed.  Both places have Unleashed prominently displayed on their front counters!

IMG_0699Momma also inserted herself into the Veracruz Book Club schedule, and Sit Stay Pray will be discussed at their meeting on February 4!  As you can see, the meeting will be held in our “social room.”  Momma is thrilled about the bookclub, especially after the building manager said I could attend, too — “provided I am on a leash.”  “Of course,” said Momma all business-like.   She has, however, no intention of complying.  (How am I supposed to divert attention from her almost certain gaffs if I’m not allowed to work the room?)   This from a member of the Rules Committee.

IMG_0734Momma also nailed down another book event at Sunshine Booksellers on February 20.  We have just received the flyers from the printer and our marketing is about to be kicked into overdrive.  I already dread going from building to building in our area, begging managers to put up signs, and passing out postcards to anyone we meet on our walks and in the elevators — or anywhere.  Here’s my pitch though — if you’re in the area, please come (and sit and stay)!

Also, Momma’s fun friend, Cathy Lone Dawson, has secured a spot for her to do a reading with the Women’s Cultural Alliance on March 9.  I know what you’re thinking and I’m thinking the same thing:  Momma presenting at a cultural event?  Truth be told, she herself is scared to death — she just hopes she can pull this off.  My book, after all,  is pup . . . er pop culture, is it not?

IMG_0682In the meantime, she’s moving full-steam ahead.  The other day she submitted my “tunnel” photo (taken by my trainer, Sara) with a little blurb about my writing, to the Marco Eagle.  Amazingly, it appeared on page two of the paper two days later!  Now, of course, she’s hounding them for an article about the book.

There is one thing that Momma has delved into that thankfully did not involve me.  She is now a proud board member of the Republican Club of South Collier County (RCSC).  The other night she came home from an event with a bunch of “Trump 2020” socks — or chew toys as I call them — which she intends to give away to friends (“I have to help him get re-elected, Lina!”)  If there is a god, I’ll get to them first.


Lina, Just Doing My Part



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