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Dear Readers,

What a fantastic week we’ve had!  First, my new book, Sit Stay Pray, was the pick of the litter . . . er, the month for Momma’s bookclub.  Also, I got to attend the meeting with Momma, and (per the building manager’s instructions) I stayed on leash the whole time.  There wasn’t always someone at the other end, but what happens in the social room at the Veracruz stays there.  And speaking of stay – the lovely ladies did just that – they sat, they stayed and they discussed!

What a nice group of women — they couldn’t have been more gracious to Momma and me.  Mary B., the facilitator, led a great meeting, and after getting a few housekeeping items out of the way, they turned to my book.  The group asked a wide variety of questions such as “What advice would you give someone who wants to be a writer?” (Momma wisely piped up with “write!”), and “What have you learned from Lina, Robin?” (that one stumped her – maybe she’s not trainable after all).  One lady, Val, gave several examples of passages from SSP that made her laugh out loud!

All in all, we had a tail-wagging good time and we want to thank The Ladies of the Club for including us!  Here are some photos from our fun event.  We also want to thank, Luis, (pictured with me by the sign) who served as our photographer.  Also, big time thanks to Mary B. for making such a professional sign!  Woof!

Coming Up – Sunshine Booksellers!

Momma and I are also looking forward to our (second) appearance at Sunshine Booksellers next Thursday at 3:00.  Here’s our sign — already up — and next to that of Randy Wayne White, a New York Times bestselling author!


Momma attended Randy’s signing yesterday, eager to study his every move and word.  Momma said he was fantastic – totally off the cuff, funny and brilliant.  She has decided to emulate him this time — she will just say whatever comes to mind.  God help us.  Once again, I’ll be doling out face licks to distract.

Yesterday we did our trek around Cape Marco again, urging building managers to put our posters on display.  Momma had been dreading it, and dragged me along as her foil.  Here I am getting some tummy rubs from our friend, Tim — the manager of Cape Marco.


Today she’s participating in a little golf tournament and will be littering the place with her SSP postcards.

If you are in the area, I hope you can make it to our pawdographing!  Remember, the proceeds go to help my animal friends and disabled veterans and first responders.

And just a quick woof about Sunshine Booksellers:  they are one of the few remaining independent booksellers in the area, and have been terrific to us.  A big woof-out to Manager Joan for all of her help.

Lina, Taking Care of (Book) Business




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