Sunshine Booksellers Event Gets Boost from Marco Eagle

Dear Readers,

Momma has been in high gear preparing for our pawdographing and reading of Sit Stay Pray at Sunshine Booksellers this week.  Especially since we got the Marco *Eagle* (I can’t help it — that word scares me) yesterday, and it included a big splash about the event.

In fact, right after we picked up the paper from the mailroom, Momma scurried into her office and googled “How to do a book signing event.”  Never mind that she’s done them before, she forgets easily and still hasn’t gotten over the trauma of the Lina Unleashed pawdographing two years ago when she basically read a speech to the restless audience (see chapter 24 of SSP).

Plus, she’d really like to get to the bottom of what attendees actually want from a book signing function.  She’s thought about it a great deal, but the answer is about as elusive for her as figuring out the meaning of life.  Do they want to know our backgrounds?  If it’s really cold in Minnesota?  What the book is about?  Did Lina really write it?  Where did Momma get such a cute dog?   (Smiling emoji.)

As Momma continues to pawnder her presentation, let me remind you that our Sunshine appearance is at 3:00 tomorrow!  We hope you can make it.  Cookies, wine and face licks will be served.

Lina, The Really Cute Dog



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