Book Doggie Does Well

Dear Readers,

On February 20, Momma and I held a pawdographing/reading at Sunshine Booksellers for my latest book, Sit Stay Pray, and I’d have to woof that it went very well.  We sold scads of books (including some of my award-winning Lina Unleashed) and had a nice crowd.  Frank Steiger, who did the photo shoot for SSP, even came and snapped a few photos (some are included below).  Thanks to all the folks at Sunshine and thanks to our friends and fans who came!  Special thanks to Momma’s friend, Cathy, who helped set up, and Donna, who minded me.

Here are some photos of our big day.  Donna (in the pink), wants everyone to know that the wine bottle is not hers.

Note that our signed poster was later added to Sunshine’s wall, along with such luminaries as Randy Wayne White, Sue Monk Kidd and Robin Cook!


Lina, Noted Book Doggie



3 thoughts on “Book Doggie Does Well

  1. Glad the book signing was a huge success! Enjoyed being there!! Lina, you are just so talented!! AND now you are going to more agility classes! What’s next?? Soon your name will be in lights!! You are just amazing!!
    Keep up the good work!


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