The “Big Pawse” Continues

Dear Readers,

Well, this pandemic thing is really dragging on.  Although Momma and I aren’t doing much, I’m thinking of starting a daily briefing like Trump.  After all, if he can think of something to say every day, undoubtedly, so can I.  At least I won’t venture to give you off-the-cuff medical advice.  And I really do like that Dr. Birx; maybe I could get her to weigh in on doggie health during one of my briefings.

So here is my update.  As I may have mentioned before, Momma is just beside herself FAA2476C-7B7F-43A1-B6F9-311AB8FF1C1Ethat I can get a salon-spa appointment, and she can’t.  (“It’s a violation of my Constitutional, rights, Lina!”)  You know, I actually agree with her on this one.  Maybe if Governor Walz saw this picture, he’d agree that her salon services, like mine, are essential.  Just woofin’.  In the meantime, I’ve counseled her to just Sit, Stay & Pray.

I probably shouldn’t even say this, but my treatments were heavenly.  My fur is all clean and fresh and fluffy, the blow out was fabulous, and the pawdicure was divine!  In fact, I feel like a new dog.  Here I am all rested and relaxed and glowing after my luxurious services.  And, just like Dr. Birx, I’ve chosen to accent my look with an eye-catching scarf!623AF245-F6D4-4F7B-AC96-2A8E1A3C7752So that’s about it for today.  I’m sure many of you, like the reporters and viewers at Trump’s briefings, have many questions and may even want advice about #stayinghome during this “Big Pawse.”  Unfortunately, I cannot take live questions, but if you have any, please leave a comment on my site, and I’ll (nicely) respond to each and every one.  And please don’t forget to “follow” me — that way you won’t miss out on any of the action!

I look forward to keeping you updated with my briefings.  Until then, #staysafe.

Lina, Presser Pup




5 thoughts on “The “Big Pawse” Continues

  1. Lina, maybe you shouldn’t mention this to your Mama BUT I have an appt. tomorrow to get color and a cut at my Salon! Had she stayed here (do I need to mention – in the sunny warmweather) she could get her hair and nails taken care of! AND by the looks of that picture, she really needs some help! AND Lina you are looking as beautiful as ever!
    Hope both of you continue to be safe and healthy!
    Lana & Cruz


    • Dear Lana (and Cruz), You are right, I don’t dare mention this to Momma. She’s in kind of a fragile state right now, and that just might put her over the edge. We are both safe and healthy and hope you are, too! Lina 🐾


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