Another Briefing; Another Scarf; A New Camp Bow Wow!

Dear Readers,

Last Wednesday, Governor Walz informed us that he was “turning back the dial” on COVID-19 restrictions.  Some businesses will stay closed (Momma’s salon for example) and some businesses will start to reopen starting next week.  For now, though, the great pawse continues.

Before I begin my latest update, I want to mention that, like the very fashion forward Dr. Birx, I’ve decided to wear a different scarf for each of my briefings.  And (I wonder if even Dr. Birx has thought of this?) did you know that a scarf can actually be converted into a mask if need be?  Maybe I belong on that medical panel.  Anyway, here I am with today’s #linascarves selection.


So here’s my update.  Momma continues to bemoan her fate that, based on Governor Walz’s most recent order, she cannot get her hair or nails or face or whatever other maintenance she requires done until at least June 1.  (As you can see, I’m still kind of glowing from mine, and this remains a big bone of contention with her.)

On the bright side, however, Walz announced that shops may now reopen! And as much as Momma is fond of saying there is nothing in the world she needs, the first word that popped into her mind upon hearing the news was — you guessed it — Nordstrom!   Unfortunately for her, the Mall of America cannot turn on a dime and will not reopen until at least June 1.

Finally, the biggest and best news of all — Camp Bow Wow has re-opened!  And get this — they have a brand new facility in Eden Prairie close to where Momma golfs, and she took me there yesterday.  Let me just woof this about that — it is fantastic!  Here I am with Counselor Maddie in front of the new Camp, with new friends in the small dog play area, and that’s my good friend, Roma, and me in the small dog yard.

IMG_1264I would highly recommend Camp Bow Wow to you if you’re looking for a safe and caring and fun place to take your furry friends.  In addition to doggie day care, they also do boarding, training and spa services!  Okay I shouldn’t mention this in front of Momma, but I’m thinking of asking for another one of their famous blueberry facials (see photo, right) next time I go!  You can check out the new Camp Bow Wow at  They also have facilities at Burnsville and Plymouth.

I hope you all have a great weekend and please remember to #staysafe and practice your #socialdistancing, even for your #furryfriends.

Lina, Blogger & Briefer!



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