Dear Readers,

Greetings again from my home office.  As you will see in the photo below, I am continuing to wear a scarf-mask for my briefings.  I think I am way ahead of the (flattening?) curve with my new concept and may just start my own #LinaScarves line!931C1A23-0B74-4FF8-8EFD-8AA57F7D8451I really don’t have much to report so this will be brief.  The Big Pawse goes on with some businesses, restaurants, and Momma’s beloved salon still closed.  In fact, many things haven’t changed much at all.  Momma continues to come and go as she pleases, even though Governor Walz just lifted his #StayHomeMN order last Monday!  (And based on her age group, she should still be confined to a . . . I mean our . . . home.)   Even her shopping hasn’t tapered off, and she is now a regular at Ace Hardware (who knew we needed WD-40?) and Home Depot.

When she does stay home, Momma continues with my agility training.  Here I am practicing on the (mini) agility course in our back yard.  Our neighbor, Bob, who often looks after me, shot this video the other day.  Such fun.

I have also started agility training this week at a facility here in the Twin Cities which has tons of equipment (some I’ve never even tried).  The first session went well, although I can tell it’s going to take the trainer a while to whip Momma into shape.  I, on the other paw, showed them “what for” with the weave poles.  Update on that coming soon, as we have two sessions scheduled for next week.  CAD609D7-5BF5-4D18-B037-6E6234BB6B26

The only other news I have is that Momma did some housecleaning the other day.  I know, right?  When I came upon her, I thought it was an apparition, and was a little scared to woof the least (as you can tell by the photo at right).  Apparently even Momma has to “dig deep” to get through these tough times!

Until my next report, #staysafe!

Lina, Bringing You the News



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