Challenging Times Update

Good Evening Dear Readers,

Boy, you talk about your tough times.  First the COVID-19 pandemic and then the senseless killing of George Floyd.  Both events followed by disastrous repercussions, including the stop-the-spread lockdown with people losing jobs and businesses, and the violence and destruction consuming our country after Mr. Floyd’s tragic death.  Momma and I are both heartbroken about it all, and hope for a full recovery from COVID soon, and for peace and calm and justice to prevail in the Floyd case and aftermath.

Am I right to assume you might need a change of subject?  I hope so because my briefing today is going to be about how Momma and I are putting one foot and paw in front of the other and trying to move forward.

For example, yesterday Momma had some time on her hands so she went to the fabric store in Apple Valley to buy some scarf material for me to pursue my dream of starting my own #LinaScarves line.  And guess what, she even came home with a few colorful swatches of cloth that might work.  Here I am modeling my very first paw-crafted scarf (okay, Momma did help because she can handle the pinking shears better that I can)!  We chose this material because it nicely complements my red merle coloring, don’t you think?  Note the cute little hearts.  They might become my signature symbol – after all, love is so important, especially right now.


I plan to offer the scarves in my favorite colors and themes and will personalize them for you and your pets.  And remember, they double as masks so they work for humans, too!  More to come.

On the same trip, Momma slipped over to Chuck and Don’s to pick up some supplies for me.  (Momma thought she was buying local — don’t burst her bubble by telling her C & D’s was purchased by a big NYC company last year.)  Anyway, she got some bones for me, poop bags (although she had very little to choose from — it’s as if there was a run on poop bags just like toilet paper!), and some treats for my agility training.

Speaking of my agility work, as I mentioned earlier, I am now doing some training in a well-equipped facility in the Twin Cities.  It’s fun (and I ❤️ the treats!), but it’s also difficult.  We even have homework!  Momma is still not sure what front and back crosses are, but I pretty much do them anyway no matter what signals she gives me as we practice in our back yard.  Who knew the training would be more about her than me!  Hopefully I will have a video for you soon.

So that’s about it for now.  What are you doing to stay busy and get by?  Please stay safe and pray for justice and peace.

What Momma and I wouldn’t do for an ordinary day.

Lina, Almost Unable to Speak


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