Scarves & Summer

Dear Readers,

As we recover from the disastrous events of this winter and spring, Momma and I continue to take steps to try get back to normal (and ours always tends to be a new normal).  We stay busy and my briefing today will give you a little update on #LinaScarves and a bit of summer fun!

First things first.  Many of you have expressed interest in my personalized line of #LinaScarves.  I am currently looking into vendors for making them and in the meantime, I continue to try out different looks.  Today I am featuring another paw-crafted beauty. This creation is meant to reflect the colors of nature:  green for trees and grass (and parsley!), blue for water, yellow for sun and orange for sunset.  So eco, so organic, so sustainable.  (Momma:  “Will it end global warming?”)

I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.  Can’t you just picture Fido’s name on the front?


In another sign that summer is here, I had a surprise the other day when my step-sister once removed, Talla, her husband Ken, Momma and I went for an impromptu pontoon ride.  The whole thing started when Momma replaced the tattered American flag on the back of our boat, and noticed that the battery was dead (and she was pretty sure it wasn’t her fault this time).  Uncle Ken came over, fixed it, and off we went.  Here I am with our new “Old Glory” in the background.  #readyforsummer!


Lina, Designer and Pontoon Pooch


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