What I Did on My Summer Vacation


Just so you don’t think I’ve run away (although that’s never far from my mind), I’ve decided to give you a little briefing on my summer with Momma.  Here I am with my latest scarf creation.  Just like my life, it has a nautical theme.


So my summer has been a mix of play and work. As you will see in the photos that follow — and this is more of a photoblog than a blog post — Momma and I continue to go about our lives despite (or in Momma’s case, as a challenge to) the COVID restrictions.  We traveled to our cabin in northern Minnesota in July, where I got to see the Norgaard relatives who seem to like nothing better than to torment-tease me.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy my time up there and here are few photos from our stay.  You may notice that I am not in any of the lake photos because someone forgot to pack my life jacket.

I have had some lake fun at home, though.  Momma has lifted her emergency executive order keeping me #safeathome from the Muskies and we’ve had a fantastic time boarding and boating.  Here we are with relatives and friends Talla, Ken, Cheryl, Erik, Jim, Lori U., the ubiquitous Lori Mac and her dog, Sam.  Oh, and the eagle who always keeps a sharp eye out for me!


My Agility Training Continues

My summer has included some work, too, and I am making good progress training with Annelise at Agile Canines in St. Louis Park.  Annelise has a great facility and is a master at training promising dogs such as myself.  My goal now is to make it into the Intermediate Class, and can do so as soon as I’m comfortable on the A-Frame and Dog Walk contact obstacles.  Let me rephrase that:  I am already totally comfortable on them; my real obstacle is Momma who needs to stop freaking out about me on them.  I just wish she was trainable.

As you might guess, Momma still has grandiose plans for me to do agility competitions (and embarrassingly calls me “Champ” in front of Annelise).  She takes me to train with her every week without fail — and she often makes me practice at home.  Here is my latest video doing some jumps and the weave poles in our backyard.


If you happen to be in the neighborhood, please stop by and I’ll give you a little demonstration.  Just remember:  this dog works for treats!

Lina, Not Letting Any Grass Grow Under My Paws




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