My New Logo

Dear Readers,

I wanted you to be the first to see my new logo.  Momma and I have been working with Momma’s friend, Susan Blakely, to get just the right look.  Here it is!


What do you think — does it capture me?  Note that it is a combination of red because I have a good heart, pink because I’m a girl, and blue to reflect the bodies of water on which we live and to which I’m subject on an almost daily basis (and, okay, blue for my political leanings, too).

I have also included my blog tagline, WOOFDA!, which expresses my playful nature and is a nod to Momma and my home state of Minnesota where almost every human says uff da! at one time or another.  (Momma, a “seasoned” Minnesotan, says uff da originated in Norway, and can mean “drat,” “oops” or “oh no!”)

Look for the logo in the future on blog posts and upcoming Lina products including my new scarf line!  And please feel free to leave a comment on my blog site!

Lina, Entrepreneur





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