This BowWow Backs Biden

Dear Readers,

Today I have exciting news to share.  Now that Joe Biden is the official candidate for the Democrat party, I have decided that I will back him for president in 2020!  As you can imagine, Momma’s not happy, but it’s a tough world out there and Uncle Joe has a reputation for looking after underdogs like me!  In fact, did you know that the current occupant of the White House does not even have a dog (and what’s that old saying about not trusting a man who doesn’t like a dog)?   (Momma:  “And what’s that old saying about not biting the hand that feeds you?”)

On the other paw, Uncle Joe has two German Shepherds — Major, who was recently adopted by Joe from the Humane Society and an older dog named Champ.  Now that’s the kind of guy a dog can trust!  Plus, I am just plain tired of worrying about the possibility of being deported to Australia.  Therefore, Joe’s got my vote!  (Momma:  “And I have no doubt your pawprint will be counted.”)

Anyway, here I am in my scarf of the day — “Joe 2020!”  Probably my favorite yet.  It’s actually quite fetching isn’t it?


Speaking of fetching, I have decided that I am forming a new organization called #BowWows4Biden, and on election day, I will be herding my doggie friends to the polls.  Hope you can join us!  Free treats for everyone!

Lina, Chair, #BowWows4Biden


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