Lina to the Rescue

Dear Readers,

What started out as a normal — as normal as we get — paddleboard ride last week ended up in another one of our circuses.  Here’s what happened:

Last Tuesday morning (the morning after Momma went to see Trump in Mankato — and, because of my latest blog post, she insists that I make it crystal clear that she supports him), Momma, Lori and I went out on one of our early morning board rides.  It was beautiful.  Cerulean blue skies, white puffy clouds and a light breeze.

I was just starting to relax into the ride, hoping this one might be uneventful, when Momma and Lori spotted smoke billowing up to the north of us.  As we paddled in that direction, we spotted the Burnsville Fire Department’s red raft leaving the public beach and a few firefighters chatting on shore.  (We were already familiar with the Fire Department, Momma and Lori having interrupted their rescue practice to chat up raft helmsman, Jaime, a few days earlier.)

Now, Jaime, immediately recognizing our little flotilla, motored up and asked us if we’d seen anyone near “the island” that morning.  It seems the picnic table on Picnic Island was on fire.

Well we hadn’t, but because Jaime had asked them about the possible perps, Momma and Lori — all excited — decided they were now part of the investigative/rescue team.  As we circled the Island looking for clues and evidence, they decided to call themselves “Bag and Tag.” And I decided to call myself “Detective Dog.”

After finding nothing more than a smoldering picnic table, Momma and Lori determined that their investigation was over.  Spotting the fire and rescue team again on Cherry Beach, they decided to head for home to get our pontoon and camera-phones for some action shots.

While Lori lowered the pontoon and Momma ran into the house for the key, inspiration struck.  Momma suddenly remembered that I have a little fire fighter outfit of my own (you can’t make this stuff up) and grabbed that and my red Doggles, too.  Armed now with everything we needed (and more), off we went, Lori snapping away, Momma driving the boat.

By now the crew was in the middle of their rescue drills.  As we approached, Helmsman Jaime remarked that we were now in a different vessel.  Momma, not missing a beat, said “Of course.  We brought our rescue vehicle.  We want to be part of the team, and have named ourselves ‘Bag and Tag.'”  I declined to participate in this charade.

After some nervous laughter, the crew continued with the drills and we continued to circle and snap pictures.

Momma, of course, had a plan all along for a very special photo.  During a little break in the action, she could restrain herself no longer and blurted out:  “I don’t suppose I could get one of you to take a photo with my dog, Lina, could I?  Look, she has her own firefighter outfit and everything, and it would be so cute.”

Seeing no easy way out, Jaime said, “Sure, I’ll just jump in the water and swim over to your pontoon.”  And just like that, he was on the back of our boat.  And just like that I smothered him with face licks (I have always liked a man in uniform) until we began posing for pics.


Even I have to admit the day was kind of fun.  And I think the firefighters deserve a big woof-out and thanks for all the good work they do!

Lina, Honorary Fire Department Dog


Pawscript:  A Happy belated National Dog Day to all!  National Dog Day is celebrated August 26 every year and calls attention to dogs that need rescuing and thanks them for their work in helping bring safety and comfort to humans.  




2 thoughts on “Lina to the Rescue

  1. Hi, Robin. Great post! You and Lina always seem to find the action!! She’s such a darling little democrat, donning the perfect attire and wriggling her way to center stage 🙂
    much love to both of you!


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