I’m Six!

Dear Readers,

Last Thursday, I turned six — or as Momma likes to think of it, the “new four.”  I think of it as “I’m just happy to be above ground.”

My day started off with a gift from her.  Here are some pics of me with my gift bag and enjoying my third or forth Lamb Chop (Momma forgets).

Next I opened my gift from Nanny Becky.  As you can see it’s a darling card and a gift certificate for spa treatments at Camp Bow Wow.  I can’t wait!


And speaking of Camp Bow Wow, that’s where I spent the bulk of my day (daycare provided free of charge for my birthday!).  As usual, it was terrific.  Momma, on her way to the golf course, dropped me off and asked Manager Jamie if she would take some photos for my sixth birthday.  Here I am with my buddies as we pawrtied the day away. Thanks, Jamie!

Have I woofed about how much I love @campbowwow?  The humans are all nice to me and I have tons of fun with my canine friends like Roma.  You should check them out at http://www.campbowwow.com/ep!   In addition to Eden Prairie, they have facilities at Plymouth and Burnsville.  They’ve got you covered!

Big time thanks to Nanny and Momma and everyone at Bow Wow who made my birthday special.

Lina, One Year Older & One Happy Camper!



One thought on “I’m Six!

  1. I love your attitude. Hoping your next year will be a good for you and and Momma. You both deserve a great year. Love you both 😍


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