Dog Texting Codes

Dear Readers,

My attorney, Uncle Chuck, recently sent me a list of dog “texting codes.”  I have included that list for your pawrusal.

Pretty cute, huh?  I agree, but have decided to add some of my own, including my more personal “codes.”

My favorite is the most famous code of all:  SOS.  In the context of Lina texting, it means Save Our (Australian) Shepherd.  See how it works?  Here are some other that I think should be added to the list.

CWN — Can’t Woof Now

BM — Bite Me!

BFF — Best Furry Friend

GF — Go Fetch!

WSFF — Will Speak for Food

XOXO — Facelicks!

IAE — I’m All Ears

SIO — Shaking It Off

BOD — Beware of Dog

WMT — Wagging My Tail

INDT — I’m Not Digging This

NIMBY — Not in My Back Yard (This is totally a dog code!)

OTOP — On the Other Paw

And some that are particular to this bow wow:

WOB — Working on Blog

MLIA — Momma’s Losing It Again

GB — Gone Boarding

DID — Dog in Distress

S4S — Dog for Sale

CMA — Calling My Attorney (Uncle Chuck)

TLC — (As in Need Some) Tender Lina Care

WD — Woofda!

🐾 — Lina Pawdograph

So how about you, fellow canines and humane humans?  Do you have any dog codes you’d like to share?  LMK!

Lina, B4N!


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