Pawtumn is Here . . .

. . . and I’m digging it! Even in this ruff and tumble world, Momma and I have managed to stay busy with our activities. Here’s my short and sweet (like me) fall briefing —

Book Club @ Sandy’s

Sandy and her granddaughter, Morgan, at my Sit Stay Pray launch party last November!

First up — on September 10, Momma’s good friend, Sandy Becker, hosted a bookclub meeting featuring my acclaimed books, Lina Unleashed and Sit Stay Pray. I was not there, but Momma assures me that the meeting included an intellectual discussion of the books, and was not just an excuse to drink wine. “I used to belong to this bookclub, Lina, and I was especially thrilled to be invited back. Several members said the books are laugh-out-loud funny,” gushed Momma. Music to my (big!) ears.

And please remember, we are still available to bring our dog and human show to bookclubs, complete with face licks and pawdographing! Or we can do a Zoom meeting, too. Just contact Momma at

Agility Training Update

Agility training has been a real highlight this year, and we faithfully attend the Agile Canine private sessions and often practice in our backyard. My hard work evidently paid off because Annelise recently invited us to join her Thursday intermediate class! Momma and I were ecstatic!

We had our first session last week with the other dogs and, after I settled in, I kinda killed it. In fact, on one run, Momma forgot to have me do jump #7, but I remembered and did it on my own. You should have heard the other dog mommas hoot and holler over that!

The only thing I didn’t like was being imprisoned in my crate when I wanted to go play with the other dogs. In fact, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t stop whining and crying. Here I am just dying to get out (try to ignore the embarrassing Lamb Chop toy), so I could spread the love.

Annelise suggested that I should practice being quiet in a crate at home. Woof what? Luckily Momma has a short memory.


This being an election year and all, you won’t be surprised to hear that Momma is going great guns (one of her favorite words) to support her favorite right wing candidates. In fact, the only time I was forced to miss an agility session was when she went to see the Human Orange in Mankato.

Momma also held a funder for a local candidate. She planned to let me attend and wear my Biden scarf (shown at right) if I wanted to pawrticipate. As tempting as that was, I refused and took refuge at Nanny Becky’s house. TGFN (part of my new dog text coding system that means Thank Goodness for Nanny)!

Oh, and as I write, a professional cleaner is downstairs cleaning the red wine stains from our carpet. Which begs the question — what kind of “party” animals are these people anyway?

Pawtumn Pawrty!

On a brighter note, Winnie and Dr. Becca; Sammie and Lori; and Uncle Erik came over for a playdate last weekend. It was a blast! Although it was too windy to board or kayak, we did have a fire and played in the yard. And best of all — Erik treated all the dogs to chips and popcorn, and even let us lick the bottoms of some little dessert cups. Momma was fit to be tied (or even crated), but everyone pretty much ignored her. TGFF (Thank Goodness for Friends). Here are some photos of our little group.

As we continue into fall, I look forward to more time with Dr. Becca, who will be staying at our place with Winnie when Momma (foolishly, considering we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic) flies off to Williamsburg, Virginia and Florida later this month.

I also look forward to more sleepovers with my beloved Nanny. Just in case you’ve forgotten what she looks like, here’s a photo of us when I was just a baby!

Lina, Bring on the Treats for Tricks!


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