The Election, Dog Texting Code Update, Training News, Time With Winnie!

Greetings Dear Readers,

If you’re like me, you probably can’t wait until the end of 2020, and really can’t wait until November 4. If I see another campaign ad on television, I’ll throw up — something I know a thing or two about. With that in mind, here’s how we’re voting this year (Momma: “Yes, Lina, I’m sure even dogs can vote in Minnesota”).

Don’t forget to vote! And remember, no malarkey at the polls!

More Canine Texting Codes

As you may remember, last month I did a post on dog texting codes (see Dog Texting Codes, September 25). Yappily, some of you have submitted your own fun codes to supplement my list. Here they are:

MHLMHA — My human left me home again – Nancy F.

MBSA — Momma’s buying shoes again – Susan B.

TCOM — Taking care of Momma – Carol L.

WOFM — Watch out for muskies! – Linda R.

Feel free to add some more. The pawsibilities are endless!

More Canine Training

Negotiating Treats with Annelise!

Despite Momma’s extensive travel schedule, I still attend Agile Canines training at least once a week (don’t forget, it takes a village — especially for me). For example this week when Momma was in Florida, her friend, Susan, brought me to my private, and Annelise herself worked with me. In fact, following some begging by Momma, Annelise recently agreed to be my handler at some AKC trials in the future. This came after a pawrticularly grueling (thank God for “screw up” and “handler error” treats) session in which Momma got her blind, front and rear crosses mixed up. (Momma, crossly: “I’m just surprised there’s not a double cross, Lina.”)

Winsome Winnie

As mentioned above, Momma has been on the go (MHLMHA). As much as I miss caring for her (TCOM), I’ve had a great time. I have gotten to spend a ton of time with Dr. Becca and my BFF, Winnie. We are about the same size, get along beautifully and love to warm up in from of the fireplace, especially after suffering through our nine-inch snowfall last week! Woofda! Here’s a sampling of our staycation!

I think Dr. Becca’s hard work and expert care deserves another woof-out here! She is a top-notch animal chiropractor, and you should check out her website at

Oh, and by the way, here’s a couple throw-back photos from Halloween in 2017 when Dr. Becca decked Winnie and me out in fun costumes!

That’s it for now folks, I must prepare for my last few days of fun — and helping out at the office with Dr. Becca and Winnie!

Lina, Wearing Many Hats (and an occasional crown)!


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