Our Sixth Anniversary

Has it really been only six years with Momma? November 7 was the official anniversary of the dog-napping that took place in Bradenton, Florida on that date in 2014. Just like the famed Flying Wallendas of Bradenton, life with Momma was to be another high-wire act.

I was happily living my fun life with siblings and sunshine when, unbeknownst to me, Momma found this irresistible pinup photo online at http://www.BlueHorizonTinyAussies.com. Life as I knew it would never be the same.

That’s CoCoa, my first BFF, at the foot of the bed

I’ve already told the story of our rocky start in my first two LinasDogBlog posts, “Introduction” (December 28, 2014) and “The Budget” (December 29, 2014), so I’ll just add some photos. As I mentioned before, Momma showed up with absolutely no doggie supplies, and took me to her friend, Rachel’s, for our first night. Here I am trying desperately not to panic as my momma-in-training tucked us in.

(Momma: “You might want to mention here that you chewed up a nice blanket of Rachel’s and that Momma had to replace it. Momma should have known then that you would cost her an arm and a leg — or a leg and a leg as you would put it.”)

The next morning, she whisked me off to freezing Minnesota and my new life. Here are some of my baby pictures, including my first Christmas outfit and my introduction to snow. I’ve also included one of my first playdate ever — which surprisingly was with CoCoa back in Minnesota! We are still fast friends.

As Momma and I embark on our seventh year together, I am looking at six new inches of snow in our backyard. Some things never change.

Lina, Still “Celebrating!”


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