Doggie Challenge!

Hey everyone — there’s a new doggie challenge that has become all the rage on the internet! And as a promoter of all things dog, I am here to pawrticipate and spotlight it on social media. It’s called #MeetMyDogChallenge and I first heard about it was from my Momma’s friend, Ellen, who featured her dog, Arnold Eugene.

This is how the challenge works: a human shares a photo of his or her dog and fulfills the challenge by answering a series of questions about the dog. That’s it — it’s just for fun and a little escapism during these trying times.

Here goes, and you’ll notice in my case, I’m doing it all myself — no human needed.


Name: Lina

Nicknames: Aussie, Lina Bean, Mouse, Monkey, Little Big Ears

Breed: Toy Australian Shepherd

Age: Six years, four months to the day!

Favorite human food: Popcorn — Momma doesn’t really give me people food, but popcorn is the one exception. She pretends to drop it so she thinks I won’t notice that she’s actually giving it to me, and thus will not beg. Yup, I’m totally fooled.

Best friend: My BFFs (best furry friends) are Winnie, CoCoa, Sammy and Roma.

Biggest fear: That Momma will make me go swimming. I hate all things water including lakes, (especially) the Gulf of Mexico, rivers, streams, puddles, rain and even wet grass.

My favorite thing to do: Chase a ball or watch DOG TV.

My favorite toy: My big orange and blue Chuckit! ball.

Where do I sleep: I sleep with Momma, either on my own pillow or at the foot of the bed snuggled into a soft throw.

Do I like car rides: Yes, I do. I have a nice size appropriate doggie chair belted into the backseat where I can sit and watch the world go by. And backseat drive for Momma.

Do I snore: I do not. Sometimes I have little nightmares about all the trauma and drama in my life; then I think I whimper.

Dream job: Herder. And I’ve done it. I’m a natural.

Real job: Blogger, author.

So what do you think? I would like to read about other doggies, too, let’s keep the #MeetMyDogChallenge going!

Lina, Influencer


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