Challenges, Happy News, and An Agility Video You Won’t Want to Miss

Dear Readers,

It’s been a while, and you probably think I’ve dropped off the face of the internet. Not to worry — it’s just that Momma keeps me so busy that I have no time to write. Our days are jam packed with activities — some of them even above board — and winter is already over. We’ve hung out with old friends like Gracie, and made new ones like Debbie who drew my portrait. We’ve continued to work hard with Gigi and hardly ever miss an agility training session. Janice takes me for walks and gives me mini-spa days when Momma is off golfing. All in all, a good time. Oh, and only three visits to the vet this season — I think that’s a record. Read on.

Gym Followup and Lina Unleashed (But Don’t Tell Anyone)!

First, I just want to mention that nothing’s changed with the new no-sound-on-the-TV policy in the workout room in our building, and Momma continues to workout her way around it.

Then about six weeks ago, another issue reared its ugly head for Momma and me down here. The residents in our complex got an email reminding us of the rule that all dogs must be on leashes at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!, the email screamed. This got Momma’s attention — did someone report us outside playing ball? Just how many rules were we breaking, I wondered? Nevertheless, Momma viewed this as part of the #cancelculture (no fun allowed, Lina!), and ordered me a new frisbee. We were all set to use it when we were informed last week that violators could be fined — and dogs could even be removed from the property!! Woof what? Why is it always the dog’s fault (trespassing with Momma in Naples and a warning from Animal Control comes to mind)?

Just for the record, if management sees me out there, I am innocent. No dog can possibly resist running after a ball or frisbee, and, as Uncle Chuck would agree, that is an absolute defense to any wrongdoing whatsoever.

The Muse

The other day, Momma ended up playing golf with a special lady named Debbie Hopkins. After Momma told her about me and gave her my card (no later than the second hole, I’m sure), Debbie informed Momma that she is an artist and likes to draw and paint dogs. Well, you can just imagine the excitement in that cart! Check out Debbie’s scary-good pencil drawing of yours truly! And, best of all, Debbie donates her proceeds to charity. Also, Debbie bought Lina Unleashed and Sit Stay Pray, the proceeds of which go to the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota and Helping Paws Minnesota, as many of you know. A win-win day for all!

Book Presentation

And there’s more! Momma and I will be doing a presentation about my blog and books to the Women’s Cultural Alliance of Southwest Florida on April 5. It will be a Zoom meeting so I will not be able to give any face licks or get belly rubs, but I do get to make a cameo appearance on the call (but not as that stupid cat). Momma has been working tirelessly on putting this program together and was especially thrilled when she found a way to erase some years by blurring her image on Zoom (and is now wondering how she can apply this to the rest of her life).

This appearance is due to the kindness and generosity of Momma’s friend, Cathy Lone-Dawson, who is co-chair of the WCA South (another one of Momma’s golf buddies!). Click here to check it out.

Our First Trials & A Must See Video

Then last, but not least, Momma has signed us up for Canine Performance Events (CPE) trials in Ham Lake, MN in May and in Rochester, MN in June. I’m not sure we’re quite ready yet, though. As Gigi correctly (and loudly) notes during this run, Momma freaks out for no reason and I am left doing the weaves on my own. You will even see me looking for her (my handler) when I am finished. How is this going to work?

Please, just shoot me now.

Lina, Still Rolling With The Punches


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