Celebrating National Pet Week, Lina Style

Dear Readers,

We are safely back in Minnesota and in high gear! So far, no major mishaps, but with Momma, you can never be too careful.

Being this is National Pet Week (celebrating pets enriching human lives), I thought I would do a nice photo spread — a photoblog — showing you what I’ve been up to. And, okay, you’re going to say I’m spoiled, but keep in mind the stress in my life just dealing with Momma.

Here I am on Sunday posing for photos for my American Kennel Club registration (necessary for trials):

Then, on Monday morning, I had a shampoo and blowout and nail trim with Josie of Pet Attitudes! Doggy divine!

And on Monday afternoon, I had a massage with Jenny Gott from Animal Intuition. I know this sounds especially high maintenance, but it is highly recommended for agility competitors such as myself. Just ask anyone. Plus, Momma was okay with it because the massage was a gift from Dr. Becca of Perpetual Motion.

On Tuesday I had agility training in one of Annelise’s (Agile Canines Training School) intermediate classes, and then tagged along with Momma (never one to be out-pampered) as she had her own cut, shampoo and blowout. Here I am with her stylist, Laura Lee (Laura Lee hair+love). I love Laura Lee, but unfortunately she and Momma like to talk pawlitics, so I couldn’t really relax as one would expect in a salon. Just woofin’.

On Wednesday, I spent the afternoon at Camp Bow Wow while Momma golfed. Here’s a stock photo of me with the crew at Bow Wow in Burnsville. Note that I was Camper of the Month at the time!

Then, on Thursday Momma actually remembered how to tune into Dog TV. (You may remember last year, her yelling “Dog TV” into every remote in the house except the one with the little blue microphone button on it.) Anyway, this was a jackpot day as we found programs on agility training and dogs on boards. As you can see, I was riveted! I still think I should have a job on one of their shows.

Afterwards, we hustled off to my private lesson with Annelise, where we did a mock up of an agility competition. That meant NO TREATS, no collar (which is called running naked), and making sure I was leashed up going in and out of the ring. Here I am being measured by Annelise, another competition requirement, so officials know the correct jump height (8 inches for me).

Then today, it’s off to Camp Bow Wow again. All-in-all a good way to spend National Pet Week. Thanks, Momma.

Lina, Pampered Pup


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