An Eventful Couple of Weeks

Dear Readers,

Last week started out with a bang. Of course it did; it was the 4th of July, Momma’s favorite holiday. With all the fireworks and patriotic music celebrating America’s independence, she was in ecstasy!

So first, Momma takes me to Camp Bow Wow to protect me from the fireworks trauma, and to her credit, she did get me a suite (see photo right) with my own television and doggie videos. (Momma: “Don’t forget to mention that I also got you special ‘playtime,’ ‘snuggle time,’ and brush outs. Just sayin . . . “)

Unfortunately, a couple of days later, I turned up with a pretty bad UTI. Because Momma was actually working for once, Nanny Becky took me to the vet and Momma picked me up later that day armed with medications. We were all set to make the big trip to “up-state” Minnesota for Momma’s All School Reunion when Nanny convinced Momma to leave me with her (“Lina should not be stuck in that car seat for five hours, and she should stay with Tom and me where we can keep a close eye on her and her doctors are close by”). I know — a bit over-the-top, but can I help it? Momma thought about it for a second, “reluctantly” agreed and off she went. Yippee!

Momma says this was the best reunion ever: she had a great time connecting with old friends and loved the style show, the talent show, the Elvis impersonator and the Reunion parade. She also got caught up in The Trap (it’s a bar and the name speaks for itself), and spent a leisurely morning at a nearby farm enjoying pancakes and a horse-drawn wagon ride or two. It was a real slice of Americana, she gushed!

Momma would also want me to mention that she and her dear friend, Carole, won the talent competition, complete with a little microphone trophy (although microphone is a touchy subject for Momma because of the interminable technical delay it caused just as they took the stage) and a $100 prize. What she wouldn’t want me to mention is that their only competition was a trio of alumni cheerleaders performing the Gonvick school song (although it, too, was great, Momma had to admit). Here are Carole and Momma collecting their award.

Momma also found a little time to peddle my books (I had given her authority to pawdograph them should she sell any). Her neighbor at the lake, Sue, and Sue’s grandson, Noah, made a cool poster for her card table — also borrowed from Sue next door. See, it does take a village. Anyway, here she is at the Reunion “Craft Show” with her wares.

I know — kind of pathetic looking, right? Oh, wait, I guess Momma did manage to lasso some local guys into getting my books. She seems a bit distracted so I hope she remembered to charge them. Just woofin’.

From there, Momma went to the American Legion where she enjoyed a beer and sold two more books. The next day she sold a dozen at a local church gathering. One of her customers, Terry, pointed out that selling the books at the church was likely unlawful and unethical, or at least sinful. Momma continued counting the money and did her best to ignore him.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch — sorry, I’m still in horse-drawn carriage mode — I was living the “Life of Riley” in the very stable home of Tom and Becky. Here I am lounging on their couch, getting ready for a ride with Tom, guarding their glamper, kicking back on the deck and posing for a selfie with grandson, Breccan. Now this is a slice of Americana!

Soon enough, Momma blew back into town and it all came to an end. All in all, though, a good time — I recovered from the UTI and relished some wholesome family time, Momma is $50 richer, and the Animal Humane Society and Helping Paws Minnesota will reap the rewards of our book sales!

Lina, Stalwart Sidekick!


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