2021 — All in all, it’s been a good ride!

As I sit here today watching Momma make last minute preparations for Christmas, my thoughts turn to the past year, which is almost in our rear view mirror, something even Smart Car has. Actually, 2021 has been quite good to us with little or no drama, save maybe for that car.

I experienced no fires, alarms (well, only one), wild animal scares (well, only a couple), potential poisonings, dog attacks, near arrests, or falling into the lake. I enjoyed playtime with my BFFs (best furry friends) Winnie, CoCoa, and Gracie. I trained and competed, enjoyed an occasional massage, had a very restorative chiro treatment from Dr. Becca, watched Doggie TV, relaxed at Pine Lake with friends and relatives and vegged. I also went to the vet way too many times, but Momma means well. One time, I really did have to go because I had seven teeth pulled. Here I am with my big swollen mouth. Ouch!

Momma also went out of town a few times, and I enjoyed the loving care of Nanny Becky (loved her glamper – pictured below with me on the deck!) and Dr. Becca (with Winnie!). And in Florida, Janice and Natalie from Nanny Paws took me on walks and played with me when Momma golfed. A big woof out to all of you — and Momma — for the treats, fun and adventure.

I have put together a little photolog of some of the year’s highlights. Can you spot the little Aussie that is not me? We met him at the agility center — so cute!

And to cap things off, here’s a short video of our trainer, Annelise, expertly running me through the weaves at Agile Canines Training Center last week.

I should also report that, once again, Momma has sent off a nice check to Helping Paws Minnesota and Minnesota Animal Humane Society, based on proceeds from my award-winning books, Lina Unleashed and Sit Stay Pray. Thanks to all of you who purchased them and made this donation possible. And just remember, we have more.

Well, time to sign off and pack for Florida. Momma and I hope you have wonderful holidays, and the new year is good to you. And if you see us on the road, remember to keep your ears peeled for the Santa music!

Lina, Holidog!


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