The camp and the “grocery store”

Dear Readers,

The other day Momma had to travel to Fort Myers for “meetings.” Not able to find someone to stay with me, and apparently unable to bring me along, she dropped me off at Camp Bow Wow in Naples. It was actually quite a nice stay for me as Momma also scheduled a much needed shampoo, FURminator blowout, clipping of the matted fur under my ears (for which they charged extra and Momma was not happy and now I’m scared she will do it herself), nail trim, and “enrichment” cuddle and playtime. I was placed in Toyland with size-appropriate dogs, and had my own private cabin for the night! Here I am wearing my new Camp Bow Wow scarf during our walk this morning!

Pretty snazzy, huh?

I got plenty of exercise in CBW’s climate-controlled play yard and and loved the snuggle time with the camp counselors. Here’s a sampling of our activities –

And I think I’ll be back because I have seen Momma studying the brochure (and the prices) for additional offerings. In the end, I was very glad not to have been with Momma on her little trip.

After dropping me off, along with my blanket, toys, water dish, snacks and dinners (cringe), Momma motored up to see her friend, Rachel and my friend, CoCoa. They had lunch and saw Rachel and CoCoa’s new digs. From there Momma snuck off and did a little shopping, and later she had dinner with a friend. The next morning she actually did have a meeting with Bemidji colleagues which she reports was quite productive. After lunch she headed home.

Momma was scheduled to pick me up at about 3:00 that afternoon, but the pick up had to be pushed back due to all the of services I was receiving (truth be told I’m thinking Momma was a little jealous). So that left her with time to kill in Naples — always a dangerous proposition.

This time, however, she couldn’t think of any clothes or shoes she needed, so she really was “digging deep” to come up with something. And then her answer appeared in her windshield like a mirage in the desert: Oakes Farms Seed to Table Market!

The reason this was so exciting to Momma is that she had been to this grocery store before and knew that it leaned Republican (and it sounded so wholesome!). This visit did not disappoint.

At the front entrance, Momma was happy to find a man selling paraphernalia of our esteemed former president, Donald J. Trump (trust me, this is difficult for me to woof). Then in a corner of the store itself, she came upon a giant picture of the “My Pillow” guy hawking his wares. (Amazingly she was able to forego his exciting new (patented) slippers and pajamas and Giza Dreams bed sheets.) And last but not least, Momma found the wine department featuring a huge display of — you guessed it — Trump wine. This, Momma was not able to forego. And for once she didn’t mind being overcharged. Just woofin’.

Well, as you can tell, this was more of a political rally than a “grocery store.” She even ran into a couple of radical friends there! And, although Momma also saw a couple of dogs in the store, I can tell you one thing. That is one place that I’m never setting paw in!

Lina, Drawing a line in the sand


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