(R) Visitors, book news, let’s dish

Dear Readers,

Well, February might be the shortest month, but we’ve managed to cram a lot in. (By the way, that’s me taking a paws in the cute Valentine photo to your right.)

First, we had visitors. John and Vicky are friends, neighbors in Minni, and most importantly, they have a beautiful English Lab named Lucy. They are also Republicans. Whoops. I’m willing to overlook that, however, because Vicky may be my favorite R ever. She and I had so much fun together, especially when John and Momma were off playing golf. We walked, we played ball, she took me out to go potty and gave me treats. Here we are on the sofa. I am trying to ignore Fox News blaring in the background.

Mike and I at “Keep in Touch!”

Momma has also stepped up our book promotion efforts. The other day, she stopped at a cute little shop on Marco Island called Keep in Touch. It has the coolest stuff — cards, lotions, t-shirts, jewelry, puzzles, Marco Island Honey, Marco Island Candles, Beeswax food wrap, and a postoffice! While there she also discovered that the owner, Mike, is a real dog lover and has several dog items for sale. Which of course led Momma to pounce. Long story short, she brought me over to meet Mike and Keep in Touch is now carrying LU and SSP!

Then, the other day, we slipped into BrUNO’s on 3rd Street in Old Naples to add some award labels to my books (see photo left). The books were not exactly flying off the front counter, and Momma explained to Bruno that she thought the labels would “do the trick.” As you may recall, Lina Unleashed and Sit Stay Pray have collectively garnered three national book awards, and all proceeds go to animal charities. Momma and I are currently in talks/woofs about another book!

Then, probably the most exciting news of all — while at BrUNO’s, Momma found a must have, and amazingly it was for me! Check out my new fashion forward CHEWY VUITON food and water dishes and place mat. (I’m sure Bruno was thinking it was about time Momma bought something from him, instead of the other way around.) I do have to woof, this is one of my favorite gifts ever — they are darling and I’m sure no animals were harmed in their making. I just hope they are eco friendly and sustainable, too. Here I am in the stay position and then wolfing down my dinner.

Lina, Rocking those dog dishes!


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