Christmas comes early and sun dogs appear

Dear Readers,

Santa came early to our house this year when I got a new airline carrier. Not that I needed one, but this one had better wheels (said Momma the engineer) and it also had a flag — perfect to personalize and make the carrier into a real statement piece, she thought. Plus, Momma could call this my Christmas gift! As you can see, I’m overjoyed.

As you also might be able to see, the flag proclaims to the world that there is a PET ON BOARD! I’m not sure what else people think would be in a pet carrier with wheels and air vents and straps, a little animal inside and maybe some barks or meowing emanating from within, etc., but that was not the point. The point was that Momma wanted to jazz up the flag so people would inquire about me, she might give them a little look-see of me, and then she could sell them my books. I, on the other paw, a serious author, could do without the commotion, and only want to use the airport to get from point A to point B like most rational people and pets

Anyway, Momma was on a mission, and went to work on the flag as soon as she ripped open the Amazon box. First up was a trip to Hobby Lobby (Momma who shops according to establishment politics, loves that store). There she bought several bags of crystals, a HOTEE gun to attach them and plenty of red and white felt to allow for mistakes. Then she spent the better part of two days measuring, making patterns, sewing, and applying crystals. Apparently the HOTEE gun was just a little over her head.

Realizing that it might take the rest of her life to complete the tiny flag, she sought help. Luckily, our good friends, Jenny and Delaney, were in the neighborhood visiting Nanny Becky and came to the rescue. Here they are easily and happily putting on the finishing touches!

And here I am with my new flag. If you see us at the airport, you might want to run. Oh, and by the way, how are we supposed to get this show piece through the scanner?

Well, I’ll soon find out since Momma and I are only six days from liftoff to Florida. When the temperature registered negative five and we saw sun dogs flanking the sun this week, I knew it was time for this sun dog to head south.

I want to woof out a super big thanks to all of you for reading my blog. It is one of the best presents Momma and I could ever have. May you have Happy Pawlidays and a new year filled with your favorite treats.

Lina, Traveling in style in search of the sun!


4 thoughts on “Christmas comes early and sun dogs appear

  1. Safe travels! See you soon!

    Ruby is being extra naughty…she chewed the remote for our new tv … so we can’t use it. Santa will bring her coal for sure.


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