2023 has arrived and so have we ~

Dear Readers,

Well, I survived the hullabaloo at the airport with my trendsetting flag, and we are happily in Florida.

Although we didn’t actually sell any books at MSP, Momma did manage a few photos with us and gave out my business cards to some bemused travelers. And we did get a few odd stares, but trust me, I’m used to that.

Momma thinks it’s just a matter of time until other doggies and their humans copy us. Maybe I should copyright our idea? What do you say, Uncle Chuck, Esq.?

The Norgaards were on hand to greet us at the airport and spent a few days with us. You probably remember them — the Norgaard boys are the ones that love to tease me, and this week was no exception. Photo at right above is of Gunnar (one of the culprits) and Jenny, his momma, who is very nice to me. I do have to woof that Chris, who may be coming around a little bit, took me out to potty a couple of times. I rewarded him with a lengthy tour of the grounds and several pees and poops. As you can tell, it still takes a village.

At least I got a break from the boys when Momma hired a sitter so we could go on a boat ride. This is Natalie of Nanny Paws on Marco Island. Cute huh?

Lina, Looking forward to another never-a-dull-moment year!


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