Catching up and Yappy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Readers,

Well, we’ve settled in for the new year. And as usual, we are having our moments.

First, the good ones. I am back to agility training and loving it! Here I am with my new Florida trainer, Taylor.

Momma also brings out my treat puzzle once in a while, and I always make quick work of it. Yum!

We’ve also had some quiet moments at home which were nice. The sweater I’m rocking is a gift from Chris and Jenny!

But as you might expect, not all has been fun and games.

There was the time Momma took me in for “spa day.” This means a shampoo, blowout and nail trim. Sometimes it even means a tiny fur trim. When Momma picked me up after my appointment, she realized she had forgotten to ask the groomer to cut off the matted fur beneath one of my ears. Rather than admit it and beg the front desk to let us get a quick clip, Momma carried me inside and, shifting the blame, announced that the groomer forgot to trim under my ears.

The front desk was not happy with Momma, and eventually agreed to do it but noted that it would probably cost extra. Needless to say, this did not sit well with her (extra charge for a little snip?) and (as if they didn’t already charge an arm and a leg — or a leg and a leg as I would woof), but Momma was desperate because she knew the fur balls just kept getting bigger and bigger if left unattended. She also knew I would not let her near me with a scissors.

When the busy little groomer brought me back to the waiting room, she looked frazzled and nervously told Momma that the clippers had gotten a little close to my skin. She further told her that the skin was rather pink and asked if Momma have a cone at home to put around my neck to prevent me from licking it? We came in for a shampoo and now we’re talking cone? Just shoot me now. Luckily we didn’t have one, and I healed just fine. Maybe next time we can fit the clip into the regular appointment, Momma?

Then earlier this week, Momma and her friend, Lori, journeyed up to Naples to do some dining and shopping, and — shocker! — Momma forgot she had hired Janice of Nanny Paws to come in and care for me. How exactly does a doggy momma forget she hired a dog sitter to come over? Did she even remember she has a dog? Anyway, Janice, with the help of management, got into our condo to take me out for a walk and some play time.

And since it’s a day of love, I’m forgiving Momma — I know it’s hard for her to focus when she has attained nirvana in Naples. Plus, I didn’t have to wear the dreaded cone again so I’m in a good mood! Happy ❤️ Day, Momma!

May you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day filled with your favorite treats. And thank you, Auntie Lori, for thinking of me!

Lina, Sending love and face licks your way!


3 thoughts on “Catching up and Yappy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Always enjoy your blogs! Shame on Momma for forgetting her adorable Lina!! Let’s not have that happen again!!! Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day!!


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