Yikes and Yippie!

Dear Readers,

Why do these things always happen to me? Just when Momma had started to let me spread my wings (so to speak) and go out on the deck by myself (while she was glued to The Five on Fox), my freedom is all but over. We were peacefully minding our own business last Sunday, when all of a sudden Momma spotted this giant Osprey perched on our deck railing as if he owned the place. And peering in the window as though maybe looking for a little Toy Aussie, thought Momma!

She is now convinced that the Osprey has been eyeing me up all along, so proclaimed, “You are never allowed on the deck again, Lina.” And, if I know Momma, she may never go out there again either. She just couldn’t unsee those gigantic talons! (Zoom in on them!) Anyway, I think her stance may soften, but I know she’ll be watching me like a hawk.

On another front, I had a little reprieve from the Osprey trauma when Momma let me have a play date with my Florida BFF, Gracie. We’ve practically grown up together, and still love to hang out. You will see I am barely able to contain myself as we head to Gracie’s condo in the elevator. Yippie!

So as you can see Dear Readers, I have my ups and downs here in Florida (especially on the elevator — and maybe they could put the buttons a little lower so I wouldn’t have to try paw the door open!?!). Time to head out on deck for sunset now, although I know Momma will mostly be watching for Osprey.

Actually, I’ll kinda be watching, too.

Lina, On guard!


2 thoughts on “Yikes and Yippie!

  1. Well Lina !! Think I might just have to agree with your Momma on this one!! Sure is a BIG BIRD! Don’t think that I will be letting your friend, Cruz out on the balcony by himself either!! SCARY


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