Christmas Surprises

Christmas came early for Momma and me this year.  Momma because she got one of her right-wing screeds published by the Star Tribune and me because I got my picture in that very same newspaper!  (The newspaper that Momma – all of a sudden – is not calling the “Red Star” or the “Star and Sickle” anymore.)

Momma’s letter was in response to a “kerfuffle” at Orchestra Hall and a series of letters commenting on said kerfuffle.  It seems the principal trumpet of the Minnesota Orchestra, Manny Laureano, walked off stage because he was fed up with the left-wing comments by guest artist, Rufus Wainwright.

Momma was riveted by this controversy.  She, herself, was sick of performers bashing Republicans when they should be entertaining the audience.  (“Lina, I cannot count the number of times that I have had concerts ruined by such liberal rantings.”)  In fact, Momma had taken to calling various venues to get her money back when she was offended (Momma can be such a snowflake) and booing at the top of her lungs when performers made comments with which she did not agree.  I can only imagine the spectacle of it all.

But I dogress.  If the controversy riveted Momma, the letters criticizing Manny sent her into orbit.  Here was this brave and noble and talented musician taking a stand on the issue and being disparaged for it!  She, Momma, needed to come to his defense!  Accordingly, she began firing off letters to the Strib, and finally on the third try (maybe they just wanted to shut her up?), the paper relented and published her letter on the editorial page.

When Momma saw it in print, she let out such a blood curdling scream that I thought the house was on fire again.  Luckily, Nanny Becky was at our house at the time and put her hands over my (big) ears.  On the off-chance you are interested in what Momma had to say, click on the link below.

Two days later, Momma opened up the Saturday paper to the section on pets.  She had submitted my photo several weeks ago (and actually a year ago, too), to be the “Reader Pet of the Week.”  As she looked down the page, Momma was prepared to fume over the unfairness that her little doggie had, once again, not been picked by the enemy newspaper.

Imagine her surprise – and the further damage to my ears – when she saw my picture in all its glory in the paper!  She couldn’t stop squealing (almost crying) – “Lina, you are the Pet of the Week!”  Unfortunately, Nanny wasn’t there, so I had to fend for myself until the outburst subsided.  Here I am, hard at work ~


The trauma of the year now hopefully over, it’s time to celebrate the holiday season!  I want to personally woof out a thank you for reading my Blog this year.  Your loyalty is mutt, I mean, much appreciated!  Also, (and Momma made me add this) please remember that it’s still not too late to purchase “Lina Unleashed” for one of those last minute stocking stuffers you might need.  (WOOFDA!)

So from me to you – Yappy Holidays and may you have a treat-filled 2018!



4 thoughts on “Christmas Surprises

  1. Robin, loved your Strib article and agree whole heartedly. but really so impressed to see my favorite dog pictured on the computer. See you soon MerryChristmas. Lov nicci and jim


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