Back in Florida

Momma and I flew to Florida the day after Christmas.  Talla, Momma’s step-daughter, kindly took us to the airport which helped reduce our pre-travel stress.  Actually things went smoothly from there, but Momma had her wine and I had my calming tablets – just in case.  You can never be too prepared.

The Norgaards

Almost from the minute we got to Marco, we were busy.  Crazy busy.  Momma’s nephew, Chris, his wife Jenny, and kids, Adeline and Gunnar, arrived the next day.  By the way, here’s a fun fact:  Adeline’s nickname is Lina which was also Momma’s mother’s father’s nickname for her mother.  Following me so far?  And as one might expect, this led to no small amount of confusion during the Norgaard stay.  How did this come about, you might wonder.

It seems when Momma adopted me, she wanted to name me Lina, too, but thought she better get Jenny’s approval since Momma’s dog and Jenny’s daughter would be called the same name.  Kinda “begs” the question, doesn’t it?  Were there no names to pick from that weren’t already used by a family member?  Very “this is my brother, Darryl, and this is my other brother, Darryl” in my mind.  Maybe this should have been a sign of things to come with Momma.

I love having the Norgaards around, but there is something about them.  Not sure if it’s genetic or what, but they sure like to toy with this little Toy Aussie.  They often tease me by fake-throwing a ball or withholding treats after coaxing me to perform tricks.  They also tease Momma by pretending to give me chocolate or telling her I’ve just fallen off the balcony.  Needless to say, this is not a good idea because Momma is crazy enough as it is already.  Here I am having some “fun” with the other Lina and Gunnar ~


I  enjoy the Norgaards, though – they take me out to go potty and give me lots of attention.  Both Momma and I hated to see them go.

The Solar Plunge

Just before they left, Momma took part in the Veracruz “Solar Plunge.”   The img_5354Plunge (organized by my good buddy and fellow Dem, Rita) was a huge success this year with more people then ever participating.  Actually, though, how challenging could it be to jump in the 75 degree Gulf?  Momma’s on the far left, by the way.

I was left behind, of course, because dogs are still not allowed on the beach or in the Gulf here.  If this is not a blatant example of #doggiediscrimination, I don’t know what is.  (Momma:  “Maybe you should learn to swim before you lodge any complaints.  Just saying.”)


A few days after Momma and I arrived in Florida, I had another nice surprise – my BFF Gracie came back!  Her momma, Anne, invited us down and here we are enjoying our reunion!




No sooner had we settled in, than Momma was on another mission – this one up to Naples.  She had recently visited a cutesy gift shop, BR Uno (Uno for short), up there – right next to all the glitzy restaurants and overpriced clothing stores – and snow making machines on the streetlights.  I know, right?  I bet the place is crawling with Republicans.

Jenny and (her daughter) Lina had been with Momma on a previous trip to Uno and saw a doggie book sitting right on the counter called, Living with Humans.  Well, you can imagine Momma’s reaction.  Her dog’s book should be the one displayed on that counter!  Jenny, always the diplomat, gently suggested to Momma that she give Bruno, the guy behind the counter, one of my cards.  As it turned out, Bruno was the owner and Momma’s brain promptly went into overdrive.  She told him that her dog had also written a book and would it be okay to drop one off?  Bruno, feeling ambushed if not falsely imprisoned at this point, quickly agreed.

Knowing she should capitalize on this opportunity before Bruno forgot about us, a couple of days later she loaded me (her secret weapon) and a bunch of my books in the car, and we headed up to Uno.

And guess what, folks?  Bruno and the rest of the staff (Kathleen and Jerry) took an immediate liking to me and gave me water and treats!  Bruno agreed to carry the book and Jerry put them on the counter right by the other doggie book.


Jerry minding the store . . .

Momma was overjoyed!  This was the big time in her book (although, of course this wasn’t her book) – a prominent display of Lina Unleashed in an upscale shop on historic Third Street in Naples.  We had arrived.

Before leaving, Momma insisted we pawdograph the books.  Then she assured the staff that we would be back in a few days to “check on things.”  I’m sure they were pleased.

Lina, The New Face of Naples



6 thoughts on “Back in Florida

  1. Oh sure Lina, I guess when your book is on a counter in Republican controlled Naples, you’re ok with that!
    PS: Please subscribe me to your blog. Maybe it will help me understand how Rita “thinks”.


    • Dear Steve,
      That seems a little harsh. 😊🐶 And you leave Rita alone.
      By the way, I hope you will send all your R friends to go buy the book. Momma’s cutting back on my rations.


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